Research Associates

Advanced Materials / Chen Research Group:

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alt="Dr Xiangbiao Liao"

         Dr. Xiangbiao Liao

Sustainable Waste Management:

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Annepu, R.Sustainable waste management technologies, Public health and quality of life, and waste management education.

Aravossis, K.Analysis and evaluation of investments for technical projects; risk management; engineering economics; evaluation of environmental investments with applications in operational research; evaluation of technological investments through Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).

Barlaz, M.A.: Chemical and biological processes as they occur in solid waste landfills and bioreactors; application of life-cycle analysis to solid waste management.

Bauer, W.P.: Optimizing operational costs and fees of waste management by initiating benchmarking projects, designing fermentation plants, transfer stations, and energy recovery systems from sanitary landfills and waste-to-energy (WTE) plants.

Berenyi, E.B.: Solid waste management (waste-to-energy, biogas generation from landfills).

Bourtsalas, A.C. (Thanos): Integrated waste management systems, Waste-to-Energy technologies, Sustainable utilization of Waste-to-Energy residues, circular economy, LCA.

Farrauto, R.: Catalytic abatement of CO, HC, Nox and particulate emissions from mobile stationary sources. Development of catalytic technologies for the hydrogen economy.

Fthenakis, V.: Air pollution and prevention, chemical risk assessment, atmospheric dispersion modeling.

Godoy, A.Relationship between water and human systems at the Central zone of Chile, the environmental impact of agricultural and mining activities, climate change.

Gorokhovich, Y.: Geographic information systems (GIS), environmental modeling/management.

Huang, Q.: Energy recovery by thermal treatment of solid wastes; image-based diagnostics of combustion process; non-intrusive 3-D temperature measurement for combustion system; combustion optimization using flame imaging.

Kawashima, S.:  Cement and concrete science; characterization of the rheology of fresh cement; use of industrial residues in concrete.

Koroneos, C.J.: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of energy systems, eco-design of products and processes, management of solid and liquid wastes. Air Pollution Control systems, environmental impact assessment.

Miller, B.: Environmental policy, management of solid wastes, freight transportation planning, and urban planning.

Park, A.H.Carbon sequestration; Clean fossil energy conversion systems; Alternative energy production; Particle technology; Electrostatic tomography; Multiphase flow systems.

Psomopoulos, C.S.Design and operation of electromechanical installations and apparatus, recycling of e-waste, materials and energy recovery from wastes, power utilization, and CO2 emissions.

Themelis, N.J.: Industrial ecology, high-temperature reactors, thermal plasma spraying, integrated waste management. 

Tian, Y. : Environmental Materials, Sustainable of Energy.   

Tsiamis, D.: Application of chemical engineering to the environmental problems, in particular renewable energy sources and the recovery of energy/fuel from non-recycled plastics.

Vardelle, A.M.: Transport phenomena at high temperatures, thermal plasma, and arc spraying, mathematical modeling, LCA of surface coating processes, application of thermal plasma technology to resource recovery from used products.

Yin, H.: Modern building materials; material recycling and reuse; sustainable infrastructure with a focus on energy efficiency and solar energy harvesting.

Yip, N.Y.: Membrane-based processes for desalination, wastewater reclamation, salinity gradient energy, and waste-heat conversion.

Zannes, M.: Environmental policy and journalism, recovery of energy and metals from solid wastes, sustainable waste management.

Zhang, H.Thermal conversion of municipal solid waste to energy; Numerical Analysis of High-Temperature Process by Computational Fluid Dynamics.